Privacy statement Translational Neuroscience Network of Amsterdam Neuroscience

Collection and use of your personal data

Amsterdam Neuroscience only collects personal data via this website if those data are needed in order to enable you to make (better) use of this website and the services provided through it. Your personal data will in principle only be used for the purposes for which they have been shared with us.

We use your personal data for other purposes in the following cases:

  1. If we receive your express permission to use your personal data;
  2. If we are required by law to use your personal data;
  3. If we need your personal data for the protection of the legitimate interests of Amsterdam Neuroscience. Legitimate interests of Amsterdam Neuroscience include: improving the quality of our services, informing you about Amsterdam Neuroscience’s other services or defending Amsterdam Neuroscience or one of its employees in the event of a complaint or a legal action.

A few examples:

  1. If you send us an email asking for information about Amsterdam Neuroscience or Translational Neuroscience Network (TN2), then we will use your email address and other information you have shared with us to reply to your email.


A “cookie” is a small fragment of data that a website places in the internet browser of the device you use to visit the website (e.g. computer or smart phone). These cookies enable us to recognize your device and are used for various purposes.

Functional cookies Certain cookies are needed in order for the website to function correctly. These are referred to as functional cookies. These cookies are permitted under the current legislation and are not blocked by a cookie banner. Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies. If desired, you can configure your browser so that you will receive a warning whenever you receive a cookie or so that all cookies are rejected. Keep in mind, however, that you may no longer be able to use some of the website’s functionalities. Amsterdam Neuroscience treats the data collected by functional cookies confidentially.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies are another type of cookie that is used. These cookies are used for collecting and analyzing data relating to visits to the website. This can include data on the date and time you visited the website, how often you visit the website or the pages on which you clicked. Amsterdam Neuroscience uses Google Analytics for this and applies the instructions published by the Dutch Data Protection Authority on how to use Google Analytics in a manner that is privacy friendly on all of its websites. As such, Amsterdam Neuroscience complies with the Telecommunications Act and does not need to request permission from the website visitor for the placement of these cookies. Amsterdam Neuroscience uses this anonymized data for the improvement and modification of its websites. You can disable these cookies in your browser settings.

The Translational Neuroscience Network websites contain embedded video clips from YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube and Vimeo have their own conditions for the placement of cookies. If you have disabled cookies on our websites you will only be able to watch these clips on the websites of YouTube and Vimeo.

Privacy policy of third parties

This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties that our websites links to. Amsterdam Neuroscience is not liable for the content of these other websites. Nor is Amsterdam Neuroscience liable for the processing of personal data, cookies and other data by the managers of these websites. We always advise you to consult the privacy statements and disclaimers of these websites prior to using them. If you have any questions about these third-party websites, please contact the managers of those websites directly.


The employees of Amsterdam Neuroscience do their utmost to provide you, the patient, with the best possible treatment, care and support. However, it is still possible that you will have a negative experience. Or perhaps the treatment or organization does not meet your expectations when it comes to the protection of your privacy.

If you have any questions, complaints or comments, there are various ways to communicate these:

  1. If you have any questions or comments about the protection of your privacy, please contact the data protection officer of Amsterdam Neuroscience by sending an email to
  2. If you want to submit a complaint to Amsterdam Neuroscience, you can do so via
  3. You can also file a complaint with regard to privacy with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.